★ Description 
In “Rodeo King”, you will play as a cowboy and catch target cows to complete stage goal! Toss your ropes by taping on the screen to catch the target; timing is everything, so make sure you tap at the perfect moment! There are different theme packs with different goals and cows, complete the missions to win free ropes, unlock more levels, and even win different horses! 

★ How To Play 
- Tap the screen and aim at the cow’s head. 
- Catch specific cows listed at the beginning of each mission 
- When you catch the boss cow, you must win the struggle by swiping your finger through the arrows onscreen 
- Ropes are spent when you toss them; ropes automatically regenerates after certain amount of time 

★ Features 
- Simple, intuitive controls 
- Themed stage design & Stage Statistics 
- Unique Boss mode 
- Daily Bonus 
- Treasure Chest with Extra Bonus 
- Mission System with exchangeable prizes 
- Changeable horse avatars 
- Game Center leader board & achievements 

★ Mission System 
- Complete Missions on each stage in order to advance 
- Catch specified target cows listed at the beginning of each mission 
- Catch the Boss cow and win the struggle and get a prize 
- Exchange prizes for great items such as free ropes, unlock new stages, and changeable horse avatars